The Terme (spa) of Saturnia are located in the heart of Maremma, near the villages of Manciano, Pitigliano and Montemerano. The hot springs have a range of over seven hundred liters per second at a constant temperature, in all the seasons, of about 37 degrees centigrade. Known and used since ancient times, the Etruscans bear witness to their use, continued also by the Romans, who build there in order to exploit the therapeutic properties of spa water.
Nowadays the Terme di Saturnia are world renowned. The first spa opened following to the drainage work done by Dr. Ciacci in the second half of 1800. At the beginning of last century the hotel, currently the '”Hotel Terme di Saturnia”, was built and scientific studies attested to the healing properties of spa water. The thermal water has many beneficial properties, so much so that the Etruscans called it "miraculous", thanks to its right mix of two dissolved gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.
Their beneficial effects on the respiratory system and on skin and skeletal muscles are scientifically proven. The spa is immersed in a park of pine trees, and its specialized staff follows with care and attention its customers, offering wellness and healing treatments unequaled in Italy. For those who want to enjoy the miraculous properties of spa waters without accessing to the spa, it is possible to take a bath at the Cascate del Mulino (the Mill’s Falls), located along the stream that leaves the spa center and which has free access at all hours of the day. The stream of water which leads to the falls is named by the local population "The Gorello" and evokes a mysterious charm and a special atmosphere, especially at night, when the fumes of the warm waters glow in moonlight creating mystical sensations and arousing feelings that are worth exploring.
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